If you suffer from an "ALLERGY" please inform the staff when placing your orders over the PHONE and please do not order onlineWe cannot take any responsibility if you place an order without contacting us for any allergy. So please make sure you place your order over the phone to avoid anmiscommunication. Many thanks for your understanding.

Light Bites

PAPADUM(Each) Plain or delicately spiced crispy thin Indian wafer made of Lentil & Rice flour £0.75
CHUTNEYS & PICKLES (Charged Per Portion) £0.75
Selection of Mango Chutney(Mustard), Lime Pickle (Mustard)Onion Salad Mint Sauce (Dairy)
ONION BHAJIS (Two Pieces) Crispy & medium spicy Onion patties (Egg) (Mustard)
VEG. SAMOSA S (2 Pieces) Crispy triangular pastry (Gluten) filled with Vegetables (Mustard)
LAMB SAMOSA(2 Pieces) Triangular pastry (Gluten) filled with medium spiced Mince Lamb (Soya)
DAAL SOUPDelicately flavoured Lentil soup (Dairy)
MULLIGATAWNY SOUP  (HOT) Spicy flavoured Lentil soup with pilau rice (Dairy) 
VEGETABLE PAKORASVegetables fried in crispy & delicate batter (Gram Flour) (Mustard) £4.95
ALOO CHAATAromatic spices & sour flavoured potato, garnished with fresh herbs. (Mustard) £4.55
PEPPERY SALMONS (HOT) Strongly flavoured with pepper, Worcester sauce (Gluten) (Fish) & hot spices and Chilli
TURBO CHICKEN LIVERS (HOT) with Worcester Sauce (Gluten) (Fish) crushed chilies & fresh pepper & side salad


VEGETABLE PURIVegetables (Mustard), served on a light Indian bread known as Puri (Gluten)
CHICKEN TIKKA CHAAT Medium spiced & sour flavoured with fresh herbs (Mustard) (Dairy)
FISH PAKORASS Cod fish fillets in crispy and delicately flavoured batter (Gram Flour) £5.85
PRAWN PURI(Crustaceans) Richly flavoured medium spiced served on light Indian bread PURI (Gluten) (Mustard)
CHICKEN LIVER PURI Richly flavoured Chicken Liver served on a light fluffy Indian bread (Gluten)
CHICKEN TIKKA PAKORAS S Chicken Tikka in crispy and delicately flavoured batter (Dairy) £6.95
KING PRAWN PURI(Crustaceans) Richly flavoured medium spiced Jumbo shelled king prawns served on a light Indian bread PURI (Gluten) (Mustard)



CHOLE BHATUREY Medium, Chickpea served with Bhaturey Indian fried bread (Gluten) (Dairy) (Egg) (Mustard)


VEGETARIAN PLATTERS. Assortment of Td Paneer Tikka, Veg Pakora, Td Mushroom & Veg Samosa, Great for sharing. Onion Bhaji can be add for £1.50 or upgrade to Mushroom Piri £1.50 or both for £2.50 extra. (Gluten) (Mustard) (Egg) (Dairy)



KING PRAWN BUTTERFLY (Crustaceans) Jumbo size king prawn in a delicately flavoured crispy batter and garnished with fresh herbs



Starters from Tandoor

All Tandoori dishes are marinated in special spices & herb and then tenderly roasted in Tandoori Clay oven. Contains 
Dairy, Mustard

 Ginger, Garlic, Paprika, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Bayleaf, Fennel Seed, Onion Seed, Yoghurt & Turmeric  

TANDOORI CHICKENS Quarter Chicken on the bone tenderly roasted in Tandoori oven (Dairy) (Mustard)


TD CHICKEN WINGSSucculent Wings on the bone tenderly roasted in Tandoori clay oven (Dairy) (Mustard) £4.95
CHICKEN TIKKATender diced Chicken marinated is special medium spices (Dairy) (Mustard) £4.95
LAMB TIKKA Tender Boneless diced Leg of Lamb marinated is special medium spices (Dairy) (Mustard) £4.95
TANDOORI MUSHROOM Fresh closed cup mushrooms roasted in Tandoori Clay oven (Dairy) (Mustards) £5.25
SHEEKH KEBABS Soft, skewered Minced Lamb tenderly roasted in Tandoori Clay oven (Dairy) (Mustards) £4.95
PANEER TIKKA S Tender, skewered diced Cottage Indian Cheese roasted in Tandoori Clay oven (Dairy) (Mustards) £5.45

TD MUSHROOM PIRI S (HOT) Td Mushroom with hot and spicy Piri sauce & served with side salad (Dairy (Mustard)


TD WINGS OF FIRE (HOT) S Extra spicy Tandoori Chicken wings served with salad its very popular dish (Dairy) (Mustard)

CHILI PANEER TIKKA (HOT)  Indian Cottage Cheese (Dairy) in Worcester sauce (Gluten) (Fish) with crushed chili flakes & Fresh Peppers




TURBO CHICKEN TIKKA (HOT) S Chicken Tikka in Worcester sauce (Gluten) (Fish) with crushed chilly flakes & Fresh Peppers (Dairy) (Mustard)




TANDOORI MIX STARTERSS Assortment of Tandoori Chicken Wings, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka and Sheekh kebab. Great for sharing. Love Mushroom! Upgrade with Td Mushrooms for £1.00 or Change to Wings of Fire for £1.00 or both for £1.50 extra. (Dairy) (Mustard)





We do provide a free delivery service for Takeaway food for orders £19.00 or more within 3 Miles radius

We are open for Takeaway as well as Home delivery during this Covid-19 Lockdown from 5th November till 2nd of December. If you would like your food quicker than please place your order over the Phone and we would get your food ready for you to come and contactless collection from the restaurant!

Many thanks and stay safe and healthy. We are here to serve you through this pandemic  


Suitable for Vegetarian             S Served with Salad   Contain Nuts or Traces of Nuts