If you suffer from an "ALLERGY" please inform the staff when placing your orders over the PHONE and please do not order onlineWe cannot take any responsibility if you place an order without contacting us for any allergy. So please make sure you place your order over the phone to avoid anmiscommunication. Many thanks for your understanding.


Biryani is a rice dish, Pilau rice (Dairy) cooked with one of the following and served with half a portion of Vegetable sauce (Mustard) and garnished with tomatoes & cucumber 


VEGETABLE BIRYANI (Dairy)(Mustard)  


MUSHROOM BIRYAN  (Dairy)(Mustard)  £10.95
CHICKEN BIRYANI (Dairy)(Mustard) £13.95
LAMB BIRYANI (Dairy)(Mustard)  £13.95
PRAWN BIRYANI (Dairy)(Crustaceans) (Mustard) £14.95
CHICKEN TIKKA BIRYANI (Dairy)(Mustard)  £15.95
KING PRAWN BIRYANI(Dairy)(Mustard)(Crustaceans) £17.95
TANDOORI CHICKEN BIRYANI (Dairy)(MustardPlease choose either on the bone or off the bone
MUGHLAI BIRYANI(Dairy)(Mustard)(Crustaceans) Special Biryani with a delicate blend of Prawns, Lamb & Chicken  £15.95

Basmati Rice

PILAU RICE(Dairy)flavoured Basmati rice with Ghee and selected herbs & spices
PEAS PILAU RICE Pilau rice with Peas (Dairy)    £3.75
LEMON PILAU RICE Pilau rice with lemon (Dairy)   £3.75
COCONUT FRIED RICE Pilau rice with coconut (Dairy) (Nuts)    £3.95
SPECIAL FRIED RICE Pilau rice with egg and peas (Dairy) (Egg)   £3.95
KEEMA RICE Pilau rice with minced lamb (Dairy)   £4.95
VEGETABLE FRIED RICE Pilau rice with vegetable (Dairy) (Mustard)   £3.75
MUSHROOM PILAU RICE Pilau rice with mushroom (Dairy)    £3.95
MUSHROOM PEAS PILAU Pilau rice with mushroom and peas (Dairy)    £4.45
JEERA RICE Pilau rice with Cumin seed (Dairy)   £3.75


RAITA(Dairy)Traditional yoghurt relish with cucumber or onions or mixed

RED ONION SALAD Chopped Red Onion & diced Tomato garnished with coriander

KACHUMBER SALAD Chopped Cucumber, tomato & red onion salad dressed with fresh herb, one of the most popular salad £3.15

AVOCADO & TOMATO SALAD Sliced avocado & diced tomatoes, garnished with fresh coriander & side garlic dressing


We do provide a free delivery service for Takeaway food for orders £19.00 or more within 3 Miles radius

We are open for Takeaway as well as Home delivery during this Covid-19 Lockdown from 5th November till 2nd of December. If you would like your food quicker than please place your order over the Phone and we would get your food ready for you to come and contactless collection from the restaurant!

Many thanks and stay safe and healthy! We are here to serve you through this pandemic  


Suitable for Vegetarian             S Served with Salad   Contain Nuts or Traces of Nuts