If you suffer from an "ALLERGY" please inform the staff when placing your orders over the PHONE and please do not order onlineWe cannot take any responsibility if you place an order without contacting us for any allergy. So please make sure you place your order over the phone to avoid anmiscommunication. Many thanks for your understanding.




PRAWN BHUNA  (MEDIUM) Prawns in a thick aromatic sauce.(Crustaceans) 


PRAWN KORMA(MILD) Prawn cooked in aromatic creamy sauce with Almond & Coconuts. (Dairy) (Nuts) (Crustaceans)  


PRAWN MADRAS (HOT) Succulent Prawn in a spicy aromatic sauce(Crustaceans) (Mustard)


CHILLI PRAWN(HOT) Tender Prawn cooked in spicy sauce with fresh Green Chilies (Crustaceans) (Mustard)


PRAWN VINDALOO (VERY HOT) Prawns in a very hot & Spicy aromatic sauce with potato (Mustard)  (Crustaceans)


GARLIC PRAWN(MEDIUM) Succulent Prawn cooked with fresh Garlic (Crustaceans) (Mustard)


SAAGWALA PRAWN (MEDIUM) Prawn cooked in aromatic sauce with Spinach.   (Dairy) (Mustard) (Crustaceans) 


KARAHI PRAWN (MEDIUM) Tender Prawn with Green Pepper, Tomatoes and Onions (Crustaceans) (Mustard)


PRAWN JALFREZI (HOT)  Tender Prawn cooked in spicy succulent sauce with Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Green Chilies & Chunky Onions (Crustaceans) (Mustard) 



Fish (Fillets)

May contain bones 


CURRY FISH (MEDIUM) Cod in an aromatic traditional curry with fresh herbs  (Mustard) 


FISH MASALA (MEDIUM) Cod fillets in succulent sauce with Coconut & Almond (Dairy) (Nuts)


BHUNA FISH (MEDIUM) Cod in a thick onion based sauce with fresh herbs  (Mustard)


FISH MADRAS  (HOT) Cod  in an aromatic spicy sauce with fresh herbs  (Mustard)


CHILLI FISH (HOT) Cod in aromatic spicy sauce with Fresh Green Chillies (Mustard)


FISH VINDALOO  (VERY HOT) Cod in aromatic hot & spicy sauce with potato (Mustard)


FISH HARA MASALA (HOT) Cod in hot & spicy green sauce with Pepper, Coriander & Green Chilies (Mustard)


FISH JALFREZI (HOT) Cod in Hot & Spicy succulent sauce with Pepper, Tomatoes, Chilli & Onion (Mustard)


KARAHI FISH (MEDIUM) Cod in medium sauce cooked with fresh green pepper & chunky onion(Mustard)


FISH TIKKA MASALA (MEDIUM) Salmon tikka in succulent & creamy sauce with Almond & Coconut (Mustard) (Dairy) (Nuts)


FISH TIKKA BHUNA (MEDIUM) Salmon Tikka in Aromatic thick onion based sauce (Dairy) (Mustard)


FISH TIKKA HARYALI  (Hot) Salmon Tikka in hot and spicy green sauce with Green Pepper, Green chilies, Coriander & onion. (Dairy) (Mustard)




King Prawn (Shelled)



KING PRAWN CURRY (MEDIUM) Jumbo Prawns in traditional curry aromatic sauce. Crustaceans)(Mustard)


KING PRAWN BHUNA (MEDIUM) Jumbo King Prawns in a thick aromatic sauce. Crustaceans)(Mustard)


KING PRAWN MADRAS  (HOT) Jumbo King prawns in a aromatic spicy sauce. (Crustaceans)(Mustard)


KING PRAWN VINDALOO (VERY HOT) King Prawns in a very hot and spicy sauce with Potatoes. (Mustard) (Crustaceans)



GARLIC KING PRAWN(MEDIUM) Jumbo King prawns in a aromatic sauce with fresh garlic. (Crustaceans)  (Mustard)


KING PRAWN KORMA (MILD) Tender king prawn in a creamy aromatic sauce  flavoured with almond & coconuts sauce  (Dairy) (Crustaceans) 



KING PRAWN MASALA (MILD) King prawn in succulent sauce with Almond and Coconut (Dairy) (Nuts)(Crustaceans) 


KING PRAWN SAAGWALA (MEDIUM) jumbo king prawns cooked with spinach Dairy) (Mustard) (Crustaceans) 


KING PRAWN KARAHI (MEDIUM) with tomatoes, chunky onions and Green Pepper  (Mustard) (Crustaceans) 


KING PRAWN JALFREZI  (HOT) with tomatoes in a spicy succulent sauce with, green peppers & fresh green chilies (Mustard) (Crustaceans) 



TANDOORI KING PRAWN MADARS   (Hot) Tandoori Jumbo Prawns cooked in a hot and spicy aromatic sauce (Dairy) (Mustard) (Crustaceans) 



TANDOORI KING PRAWN JALFREZI (Hot) Tandoori Jumbo Prawns cooked in a hot and spicy aromatic sauce with Tomatoes, Green Peppers ,Onion & Fresh Green Chillies (Dairy) (Mustard) (Crustaceans) 



 We do provide a free delivery service for Takeaway food for orders £19.00 or more within 3 Miles radius


Suitable for Vegetarian             S Served with Salad   Contain Nuts or Traces of Nuts